"I have worked with many energy healers, but none quite compare to the healing magic that happens in session with Val. She is a beautiful soul and what I love most about her is the acceptance and compassion for all that effortlessly radiates from her. In session she is highly professional while still making me comfortable to feel and be with whatever is coming up for me. She is a vessel by which to hold space, and for that I am so grateful. When I leave Val's table I feel rejuvenated and relaxed, I feel like I did something really sweet for myself. I can't speak more highly of this brilliant woman, if you are looking for healing or to just do some really gentle self care, Val is the golden ticket." - Anna Chapman 

"Val is one of the only people I have known --in my whole life-- who is willing to plunge to the heart of things so directly and honestly. I was amazed at how easy it was for me to be so open with her, it is because she doesn't hold back from encountering truth, her bravery supported mine." - Andrea Viggiano

"The experience of working with Val is healing and refreshing. She creates an environment that is nurturing, safe, and open. You may not always understand her process or what entirely is going on but that doesn't seem to matter because as long as you remain open you can sense a clearing of your spiritual debris.  Val is an authentic soul who is here to help individuals heal. She embodies freedom and teaches us how to blossom into our most potent selves. Whether I was working through grief, letting go of something, healing the physical body, or simply seeking clarity I left ever session with Val feeling better and more empowered." - Elissa Cirignotta 

"Val is a gifted healer! I am massage therapist, and there is such a need for practitioners like Val who straddle the gap between bodywork and mental health services. Her work is so present and comforting - it made me feel like we were really addressing some big picture elements of healing: getting the mental, the emotional, and the physical bodies all on the same page." - Laura Hil